Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Training Programme & Level

Is Swing College something for me?

If you are ready to re-evaluate your whole fundamental process with a complete system of learning aimed at bringing your whole approach and ideas about Swing Dancing to another level.

If you have been searching for ways to develop your style or you need help to realise your own personal style.  Swing College will provide you with the solid development techniques designed to build your partnering and individual abilities – helping you to grow into the beautiful dancer you’ve always wanted to be.

What level of dancing does Swing College require from YOU?

Although this is a system to rebuild your dancing from the ground up and will benefit the skilled dancer at the highest level, we encourage anybody to join us who has a good attitude towards learning and working on themselves. However, this is not a course for the absolute beginner.

To help you decide if you can meet our basic requirements for Swing College you should know and be able to execute confidently the following steps and ideas.

– The Swing Out/ Lindy turn
– Inside turns, outside turns, Texas Tommy’s and cross body leads
– Some ability with Solo Jazz
– You are comfortable dancing at various tempos

– A grounding in the 3 fundamental movements, Rock Step, Triple Step, and Walk

How many years you have been dancing is not a measure of your ability, just a guideline to your experience. Therefore, if you feel confident in saying I am moderately experienced and looking to improve my skills and bring them to a higher level – then Swing College has something to offer you!

How does the training programme work?

We have consistent workshops every two months (+/-) over the entire year.

That’s 6 weekends in total.

Swing College follows a consecutive system: each session is designed to connect and to build upon the others.

What subject will each session focus on?

The instructors do not focus on one subject per session. The training programme is designed to continue to work on several subjects; deepening the knowledge of each topic from weekend to weekend whilst always having a greater focus on one or two of the main topics.

Over the course, we will be working on subjects such as:

– The most important need to know Fundamentals

– Spins and Turns – Balance and Control

– Basic vocabulary of the Lindy Hop

– What you feel, What you see

– The Lindy turn – Also referred to as ‘The Swing Out’.

– Positive Movement

How many participants will be accepted?

For each workshop we accept a maximum of 80 participants.

To ensure high quality teaching, this will be split into 2 groups of a maximum of 40 participants.

How many hours of training do I get during one weekend?

Each weekend will consist of 9 hours:

  • 6 hrs of training with the instructors
  • 3 hrs follow-up
  • 3 hrs hands-on practices…

Registration & Payment

Is it possible to register for a single session? E.g. only Session 2 and/or Session 5?

No, because the Swing College workshops are designed to be consecutive.

The goal is to have a consistent development for the participants.

What if I miss one workshop? Can I continue with the next session?

We all know circumstances can change. In this case please contact us personally.

We will make a case-by-case decision to see what is the best solution taking into account the circumstances.

Do I have to pay for all 6 sessions at once?

No, you can pay for each session individually.

How much does one session/weekend cost?

Each session costs EUR 99,00 (per person).

Can I get a refund if I cannot attend?

Cancellation policy to be defined.