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Music and I

Swing Music. I love to dance to it, I love to hear it! I can’t play it for now. Still working on some piano jazz tunes. Lots of practice ahead! It’s the music what cheers you up on shitty days we all encounter, it gives you this amazing push when being out on the dance floor, it shows you the „...sunny side of the street...“. It’s quite simple for me - it makes me happy.  

Why not dance to Swing music?

If you love to hear Swing music, you love to dance to it. At least I do. I found with Lindy Hop the best way to express dancing to Swing music. Why? We all know where it originates from, right? Afro-American dancers have been the spirit and soul of Lindy Hop. They have been inspired by the music of that area to express their emotions on the dance floor. That’s why it’s so energetic and dynamic. If you find inspiration in what you do, you love it. That’s what I do!  

The Lindy Hop and I

Even though I did encounter it already some years before, I did start learning the Lindy Hop in 2011. Voila, I was caught by the Lindy Hop fever! Travelling from workshop to festival the first years, what no doubt was lots of fun and a great inspiration, I realised to miss solid foundation of my dancing. I felt a lack of knowing enough of the history of the dance, the origins of the moves and why they were expressed in a certain way. Quite late in 2013 I made the decision to look out for people who could contribute to my need. I never did regret doing the effort as from that moment on I could feel for the first time a real the connection between the dance and the music. Going away from executing patterns as an overlay with endless counting from 1 to 8 to music and arriving at a point of having freedom by expressing music in rhythmical movements that was truly a revelation to my mind. I am still travelling on this road to become a better and more experienced dancer. Much to learn. Much to improve. But never forget the fun that comes with it! Happy to meet you soon on the dance floor!
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