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Since Evgenia discovered Lindy Hop in 2002, she has taken every opportunity to learn and improve her knowledge of the dance by using her background in sports, her musical education, travelling to dance events and dancing in different scenes around the world, to quickly became a force to be reckoned with on the Swing Dance circuit. She started off as a social dancer, before later joining "The Swing Dance Company"; a show group from St. Petersburg. She also attended and was placed highly in different competitions both in Russia and Europe. Over the years, Evgenia has developed her dancing skills to a professional standard in Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Authentic jazz, West Coast Swing and Salsa and of course the Lindy Hop. She is based in St.Petersburg, Russia and teaches Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie regularly in several schools in the city, as well as globally with a variety of dance partners. Evgenia started to compete internationally as part of the Finnish National Team in 2014. At the time of her career as a competitor she became Finnish champion in Boogie Woogie, a finalist in several  Boogie Woogie World Masters and Nordic Championship, she was as high as 4th in Boogie Woogie World ranking list as well as she was Finnish champion in Lindy Hop for 3 years in a row and silver medalist of Nordic Championship in Lindy Hop.
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