What We Do


What We Do

What We Do

Welcome to Swing College!

What is Swing College all about?
It’s a series of intense training weekends with one highly knowledgeable teacher with a structured teaching process.

The training is intended to be intense and focused in specific areas of your dancing to help aid and speed up your development.

Also giving you solid feedback on your progress and how to better  improve continually.

  • intense training weekends 
  • structured teaching 
  • speed up your development 
  • solid feedback 
  • continually improve 

How do we achieve this goal?

We achieve this goal by having consistent workshops in the same area every two months over three years. That’s six weekends in the year building a better relationship with the instructor with plenty of time in between sessions to work on the material that’s been set, so keep you moving forward in your development.

During the

6 weekends in 1 year we will work with you on all of the subjects we have mentioned. In a single weekend whilst placing a greater focus on one or two of the main subjects. Each following weekend we will continue to work on the same subjects deepening the knowledge of each topic from weekend to weekend whilst always having a greater focus on one or two of the main topics.

That way each subject is constantly explored and then reinforced and developed collectively on each of the 6 weekends so that pupils know at the end of the 6 weekends they will have covered all subjects completely and consistently.

We have chosen to work this way because focusing on one subject at a time doesn’t develop the pupil because we  need strong techniques from all of the subjects working together in order to best be able to execute any of the single subjects.

In short – each class is specifically designed to connect with the others. And if done this way over a one to three year period we believe that the resulting improvements should be significant…

Welcome to Swing College!

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